Wednesday, October 22, 2008

O.K. so I don't really care much for blogging...

Well, I think I can manage a post once in a while if anyone bothers to still read mine LOL. We will be in the new house next weekend, Yay! I am soo glad we will be closer, God does answer prayer. I feel almost normal again since going to the chiro. I still think I might have something going on with my thyroid or adrenals though, my hormones are wacky and I lost all that weight that I'm having a hard time gaining back. ( I know, some people wished they had that problem). I have to say I started to see the most dramatic improvement in my health when I went on a 21 day fast and gave up all sweets and any dvd's. Praise God for that he is so good! I went to the Sarah Palin rally and took my mom and two oldest with me we really enjoyed it. I didn't see many of you there, but I heard alot of people from the church went. I had alot of jumbled up thoughts thrown in this posting, because I enjoy reading the other blogs and commenting on those more than I enjoy posting on my own. Well, that's it for now....

Monday, September 8, 2008


I know I promised to keep up, but it' s been busy. My back is slowly getting better, Thank God! I go up and down, but with frequent visits to the chiropractor (my new best friend LOL!)I am slowly getting better having more and more good days, though I still have bad ones like this weekend my back went out and that's why we missed church :( We are actively looking for a plact to rent or rent to own and hope to be moved before cold weather Lord willing. I realized looking back on my posts that they are deppressing! Sorry about that folks I have to fight my pessimistic nature. We all had fun at the Wilhelms on Labor Day. It was nice to mingle with everyone outside of church. I'm not much for writing these days so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ilnesses etc...

Well, I had Cassidy in the E.R. on Sunday night early Mon. She was having the same breathing problems I was. Again,as with me there were no clear reasons as to what was causing it. My dad was having severe leg cramps and Dave started with them last night. Sage has had blurry vision for about 5 days now so need to set up an appt. for that. I think I finally got the doc. to listen to me when I said I think it may be our sulfur causing these problems. I called the health dept. and they gave me the # to a water testing place to test for that and other things. If this is what is causing the illnesses then I am out of here ASAP! I am soooo stressed out and really discouraged. I feel like I'm going nuts some days like it's all a bad dream and I'll wake up and it will all be over. Well,if anyone knows a huge place for sale on contract or for rent feel free to let me know. As always please pray for us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well , to say the least it has been an interesting Summer. Let me try to remember everything that has been going on. First off my computer has been down for about 3 wks. Lightening struck the house and took out the computer, T.V., and the upstairs furnace. Before that lightening struck our cherry tree and split it in half, and after that it struck an apple tree and brought the whole thing down. These were all seperate storms by the way (what are the odds?!). We have 4 vehicles on the property, 3 were down for about a week. The Fierro my husband has been working on and is the money pit I don't think it will ever run again! I was in the hospital about 2 1/2 wks. ago My potassium dropped real low and I was having trouble getting my lungs to take a full breath of air. It was pretty scary I thought I was dying. I had trouble again with breathing last weekend and on our way to the urgent care a deer ran out and smashed into the side of the car taking out the drivers side window and sprinkling us with glass and smashing in the drivers side of the windshield. That was my dad's car and he thought it was covered under full coverage, WRONG! It cost $125 for the tow, $200 for the door and another $200 for the windshield. The van had some seals leaking so my handy husband was going to fix them. The bolts were so rusted that they broke off, now we have to finish taking out the heads to take into the shop so they can get the bolts out. (who knows how much that will be!) While the van was sitting for David to fix we noticed the rear passenger side tire was flat! yay! While we were in the middle of dealing with trying to get all these things fixed the fridg. went out again!!! We still don't have the van fixed we have missed church 2 wks in a row, but we watched it on the internet today. We just dropped the price on the house again and asked the bank to approve a shortsale and sent in all the info. they wanted to approve that and now we are waiting. We miss everyone and hope all is going well down in your neck of the woods. Please continue to pray that we get out of our house soon!! I will try to get on here more often now that my computer has been replaced and is running faster than the other one. I think that's all for now although it's entirely possible I missed a few things! LOL!

Monday, June 9, 2008


O.K. I'm back. I get too busy to blog when Summer hits. The updates in my life are..... the shower is leaking and my air conditioner is broken AGAIN! We've had it fixed about 4 times since we've been here. Not one single hit on the house in about 2 months. We are hoping to be able to use the pool this Summer since the air conditioner won't work! We are also hoping to get the oil leak in the van fixed and the little car running. ( that rebate check is already spent and we're in the hole again! LOL). Well not much else going on in this neck of the woods.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, the economy has officially taken it's toll on our finances. It has been a struggle for a long time for us to just show up on Sunday mornings to church. Our house is not selling any time soon, so we may be forced to go elsewhere at least until (and if) we can get moved. This is really depressing to me. I hate switching churches, but we can't get involved in much of anything, it's too much of a strain on our finances. I hate that we have been there 2 yrs. and have no close friendships to speak of. I'm not blaming anyone of course, we just simply don't have the gas except to coast in on fumes once a week, and I feel too guilty to ask someone to my house when I live so far away. I feel like a hermit! We really need to pray about all this and I would like to ask for your prayers also. :(

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, I ran out of gas money for church this week. We may need to go some place closer til we get moved, I don't know. We will have to pray about it. We will be back next Sunday when we have money once again. I think I need to invest in a horse and buggy LOL! Well, lately I like to keep it short and sweet. That's the news in my world.